Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goodwill Goldmine

I've been on a bit of thrift store and discount store buying spree the last couple of days. There are two Goodwill stores here and I managed to find a suit in both. The suit I got today won't even require any alterations. In addition to the suits I came home with three blazers and a $3 silk tie I found at Marshalls. All of the blazers are three buttons but I think they are all less than thirty years old.
After completing my shopping spree I decided to get a manicure. Yes, I said a manicure. It was common as recently as the 60's for a gentleman to get a manicure about once a month. A man's manicure usually involves trimming the nails and the cuticles. Then it ends with a hand massage. The massage alone makes it worth it but judging from some peoples hands I've seen it should become part of your grooming regimen. I'm definitely going to make it part of mine, probably after I go to the barber shop. Good grooming habits don't make you a pansy.
I got my straw hat the other day and I love it. It is a Sunbody Teardrop Panama. I ordered it from Viilage Hat Shop and I must say they are quick and professional. I own a couple of straw Gus shape western hats that I wear while gardening or shooting but it it's nice to have a more formal straw hat. Straws make a big difference from felts and wools in the summer especially when it's 106 outside.

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