Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving at 75 Degrees

    I know I've been writing very little lately, but the ceasing of Penney's American Living line hit me pretty hard (just kidding). I did like the options available from the working man's Ralph Lauren clothing. I have several articles by the line and I was pleased with them despite the questions of supposed low quality. When I'm not wearing vintage or vintage inspired clothing I usually revert to Preppy/ Ivy League style clothes. I grew up in the 80's so labels like Polo and Izod are very familiar. I'm sure that in the future the American Living line will become highly sought after due to it's connection with Ralph Lauren and it's short time of availability. I've picked up a few things left on clearance and picked apart Ebay for any pieces that caught my eye.
    Also, Ralph Lauren announced it was soon to scrap it's Rugby line of clothing. Rugby leaned more to the Ivy League style. They do however, have some clothing with a vintage flair to them. On a recent visit to their website, a 30's style belted sport coat caught my eye and it will soon grace my bulging frame. I recommend ya'll hit the site if your interested in some classic style at what will surely be a very low price.
    With the loss of these two great lines, there will be a gap left in the Preppy family. I can only hope a fair priced goup of well made clothing will take their place.With that said I'm about to sign off for today and I promise more posts in a timely manner. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and a great Christmas. I'll be celebrating in a Polo and shorts as our holiday is forecasted to be in the middle 70's.
Later all,

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Favorite Blog!

Just thought I'd share my new favorite blog with those unaware of it.
Check it out

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back Again

I've been taking some time off from school among other things therefore I haven't been posting much. Because of all this relaxing I've gained some weight and none of my clothes fit anymore. When I went shopping the other day I noticed that the heyday of three button jackets has gone and been usurped by the less smart looking two button. Now I will buy a two button if I love the jacket but I just prefer the pre-war style of the three. Looks like I'm going on a diet. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Versatile Walking Stick

Well. here I am once again on a cool fall day and I've got some wonderful treats for you. I've began my business making and creating walking sticks and my Etsy store already has three different sticks to offer and many more to come. If you've had you're eye out for a walking stick but want something unique and handmade my store is the place to look. Also, I take custom orders. If I have the ability to make it and you have an idea, contact me and we can talk. Thank you and happy shopping.

P.S. The store address is