Friday, December 17, 2010

Camel Hair Coat

Just a short bit about a beautiful find I had at the local Goodwill. I was on my monthly search at the Super Goodwill for some fine goodies( mainly cheap high quality shoes). I finally came across a wonderful camel hair sport coat that actually fits. There are a few very small imperfections,but so small you can barely see them. However, for 100% camel hair I can over look a lot. As an added piece of greatness, it fits like a glove( not a tight glove). I decided not to get the good as new Florsheim oxfords due to the excessive price of $15. Goodwill has become very greedy as of late. Hope all is well with whomever is bored enough to read this little tale.
Merry Christmas to you all!

Monday, December 13, 2010

OMG! I've Been Busy!

I know I've been out of the loop lately,but school has taken up more time than I anticipated. I discovered that I am the best dressed in the college,including staff. Some of the younger students are amazed about how I dress and can't believe that I shine my shoes and iron my shirts. On the other hand I'm not surprised after seeing the way they dress. All I can say is "Fucking Slobs" . The standard uniform is sweat pants and oversized t-shirts. This applies to the professors also. Early on the semester, my government teacher thought I was a professor that was lost in her class. I couldn't help but chuckle.
Posts will be a little more frequent, but hopefully I can get some seasonal work to pad my empty wallet. I'm in desperate need of some more white dress shirts because I forgot to buy a size larger and after a few washings the sleeves have shrank too much. Anyway, that will be all for now. I have some ideas for some subjects for future posts spinning about my head,so stay tuned.