Friday, October 15, 2010

Oops!, I Did It Again

I couldn't help myself ,they were on sale!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoe Crazy!!!!

I've been going a bit shoe crazy lately. Since I found those Bostonians, I have been searching for more cheap high grade dress shoes. I found a pair of Bass Monkstraps for dirt cheap and grabbed them up quick.

Then the other day I came across a pair of Stacy Adams "Killian" shoes. The Florsheim outlet had them on sale so I bought them. "Killian" are a strange look at first sight, but they have grown on me.

Once again, I was browsing for a pair of cap toe oxfords on the internet and remembered that had the lowest prices I'd seen so I settled upon the Bass "Atlanta". I payed the sale price, but I feel that's fair for that style of brand new shoes.

Last,but surely not least I scanned Ebay for some "penny loafers" or "weejuns" as my friends in Europe call them and I found some lightly used Florsheims in burgundy. The picture is poor so I won't post a pic until I receive them.

I'm sure I'll come across some more shoes I need to round out my wardrobe. After all, I don't have any dress style boots. Or perhaps, some red wingtips. What do ya'll think.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Had to Write About This Before I Forgot!

I'll write a longer post in the next few days but I had to tell ya'll about this before I forgot. I went to a Goodwill in the next town over since I had not been there in many years. I was searching for suits and blazers of which they had neither. Shitty store,Oh well. I asked an employee to point out the cardigan section ,if there was one. She looked at me like I had a green horn sticking from my forehead. I asked what the problem was and she proceeded to tell me that she was not aware that anyone but homosexuals wore them because she was not aware that cardigans were made for men. I showed her a section of them in the mens' sweater section. Many were golf cardigans and in no way feminine. She was amazed!
I should have expected this kind of ignorance in a town where flip-flops and Taz XXXL sized t-shirts are the height of fashion for women.