Friday, February 11, 2011

Perry Ellis Fashion Show

If you're like me you spend a good amount of money at Perry Ellis. Between their khakis and linen suits. I am a loyal customer. Well today is a happy occasion. Their 2011 Fall Collection Show is on today at 11 AM Eastern on their website,

I hope it's entertaining and you all enjoy it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Stacy Adams Rydell

Recently, on a trip to the local Florsheim outlet store. The friendly salesman steered me to a pair of shoes that he knew I would like. Now, I did'nt tell him I was there looking for saddle shoes, but he knows my taste. The shoes were the Stacy Adams Rydells and they are saddle shoes. They have the aged blue/black color that I believe is called denim by the company on the side panels while the remaining is a bone color. Stacy Adams also makes a brown/light brown version, but they can't hold a candle to the blue/bone style that I purchased. I did intend to buy the Florsheim Kennet and I may at a future date and I also plan on getting the Stacy Adams Kingsmans, but I am very pleased with the Rydells for now.

Also, I recently finally found a place that carried full length wool overcoats. Our local Belk store was having an awesome clearance sale and I happened upon the overcoats on sale for $100. So if you have a Belk close by, check it out. If you have weather where you live like we do here, you're gonna need it.