Friday, January 28, 2011

Yellowstone Deerskin Gloves

If your like me (you're better off if you're not), you're hands are cold all the time in the winter. Even here, in North Texas it gets fairly damn cold. During this time of year I'm wearing gloves almost around the clock. As a result, I have a bit of a fetish for gloves. Since most things these days don't last more than one season, I have to go around to multiple mens' stores looking for the right gloves that don't make my hands look like clubs. Recently, I was reading Mens' Flair and came across a column about Yellowstone Deerskin Gloves. If you look at any mens' magazines fron the 30's and 40's, you'll probably see an ad showing a gentleman wearing light colored gloves. Odss are he's wearing deerskins. Well, I have been on the search for a pair of quality deerskin gloves and when I read the column about Yellowstone, I was eager to try them out.

Yesterday, I received my Yellowstones and I was very pleased. They literally fit like a second skin and are smoother than glass. It is obvious that these gloves will last many seasons, so I recommend getting a couple of pairs.

P. S. They are made in the U.S.A.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rules to make you a real gentleman

Since I lack the time to write a the post I had planned, I thought I'd make a list of rules that should always apply to a gentleman and set you apart from the modern male.

1. Take off your hat indoors. Regardless of the style, take it off. Especially in church.

2. When a lady leaves the table, stand up. When she returns, stand up again.

3. Don't talk about your sexual conquests with another lady. They sometimes will say they want to know,but that's a trick. Keep them to yourself.

4. When you pick up a lady for a date,go to the door. Don't honk at her from your car.

There's thousands of more tips out there,but like I said I'm short on time. I promise my next post will be a better one.