Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Fresh Start

I thought I'd start this blog by explaining it's purpose and my ideas for it's future. I recently came across the Men's Flair website and I was very impressed. However, I was also reminded of how rare good sources of advice about dressing well and being a proper gentleman have become. I was raised to be respectful and courteous toward everyone but I was always curious about the guidelines about ettiquette and such things that most people think to be outdated.
Well along the way I've managed to come across a few books that show a young man and woman how to act civilized. The sad thing is that both books were published before WWII. I'm sure you can buy an updated edition of Emily Post's Ettiquette but that seems to be the lone source of teaching manners and morals in today's society.
I am not a wealthy man but I do know how dress myself so that I do not appear to be homeless. In fact, I don't think you need to spend much money to look good. A large part of this blog will show you how I've managed to dress well shopping at places like Ross and Wal-Mart. I'm not saying that Armani suits are crap but not many folks I know can afford one. My point is to disspell the myth that you have to be rich to look classy.
Clothes will not be the sole focus of this site. I will spend a great amount of time just ranting about our country's lack of couth and try to prove that money does not have to dictate how people act toward one another.
This post has already gone on longer than I intended so I'll let go about your day and I do promise to be more focused in the future. Good day to you all, Jerry.

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