Sunday, September 19, 2010

Second Hand Goodies Part 1

I have not written lately because I've been busy with school work. I've also been waiting to recieve some of the goodies I have purchased online. I'll start with the amazingly flawless circa 40's Bakelite suit brush I won on Ebay for $9.99. The Bakelite has no chips or cracks and the bristles look brand new. Those of you whom know about suit brushes are aware of the importance of them to keep a suit clean and decrease the visits to the cleaners. My next acquisition is a silver vintage tie clip and cuff links that I bought at a local antique store. Although they do not match they look good together.

The last beauty for this part of this post is a brown Stetson crushable fedora with a 2 1/2 inch brim. It is brand new but has a very old look due to the tall, straight crown. I found this hat while I was raiding the clearance racks for linen shirts and slacks at my local Dillards. They apparently have begun selling real hats again after many years. I recommend buying one for yourself as an everyday knockaround hat. Just make sure the one you get holds a shape as some on the rack do not. These will be a good starter hat.

My next post will include another hat,my Dillards linen finds and suspenders among other things.Hell there may be three parts. Stay tuned!

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