Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Shoes

Bass Brockton

Stacy Adams Kingsman

In addition to clothes and hats, I also got a couple of pairs of shoes. Among them I finally was able to get a pair of Stacy Adams Kingsmans. In order to get the denim/white color pair I had to wait until some became available and the great folks at the Florsheim outlet store mail them to me. Although, I've only been able to only wear them a few times I'm very happy with them. I have recieved several compliments. One from a costume designer that was interested in buying a pair.

Another pair of shoes I've recently purchased was the Bass Brocktons in white. The Brocktons are nubuck suede and as far as I'm concerned are a requirement for spring and summer clothing.I had no dead set brand in mind for 'bucks, but the Bass were a good price. The Dainite-style soles on the shoes make for a very comfortable wear and walking hours in these shoes are like minutes and will probably buy a pair in taupe or navy soon.

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  1. Got a pair today, in Vancouver. On sale for 60 bucks, I think quite a steal. My girlfriends reaction: Are you going bowling? Heh heh